Twitter Ad Stats Jobs Timeout



We have been using the async Ads API to get stats for a while now.
Occassionally, our calls to GET /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id endpoint to get the status of the job_id(s) we obtained by a call to POST /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id immediately before.

The response obtained was having job status data as null even after retrying many times.

Could you please explain why this happens and what can be done to resolve this.


Hi @vijayarjit,

Can you give us an example request and response when this actually happened? Preferably using twurl (if you’re going to create a fresh example) with the -t flag to give us more information to debug. Can you also put the steps to reproduce, including creating the job?


Hi @goforbrent @vijayarjit
I get same error.
I created one job. And affter an hour with 86 times request to checking job status, but it returned ‘PROCESSING’.
Maybe server has overload?


Hi @goforbrent,

Following is request and its response we are getting:

Executing GET request for GetStatsJobRequest using
385 {} null {}

and for all these request we are getting:


event after trying for more than 200 seconds.



Hi @vijayarjit,

Due to increased latency with the async analytics endpoint POST stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id, there has been a drop in success rate starting at 2017-08-19 05:45 UTC, we are currently actively investigating the root cause of the issue.

In case of any issues with async jobs stuck in PROCESSING state, the recommended path is to use the DELETE stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id/:job_id endpoint and re-try once the issue is resolved.

Thank you


Hi @goforbrent,
Any update on this issue.



Hi @vijayarjit,

Yes these issues are resolved. If they reoccur or we have future updates, please reference the announcement here.



@goforbrent Hi,I now receive Error 503 Connection timed out when I get stats