Twitter Ad Account Disabled but no clue why



I wonder if the problem was my profile
the content of my account
(what I do is activism folks)
the content of my tweets
if the problem was using a sendvid link for videos
if the problem was the payment
I don’t know if I should have used in the billing address the same address from the card holder.

The automated answers from Twitter don’t help.

PS: I would like the pacman emoji back. :slight_smile:


@hacker_center: Thanks for reaching out. We’ll try to have someone on the team who looks into disabled accounts take a look on Monday.


Thank you. :sunny:


@hacker_center: Please create a ticket via Twitter Help (the link on the top right of That’s the way to submit tickets to that team. Thanks.


I have issue stating “Access Disabled for Twitter Ads” it states " We’ve found that your account is not compliant with our policies for Promoted Products and have disabled access to your Twitter Ads account. Please know that you will no longer be able to advertise on Twitter and may not open new advertising accounts.

Contact our support team.

When I try contacting help in the contact us section their is no email or phone number.I have no idea why they have disabled my access. Please Help.


I’m in the same boat. They disabled the (paying) ads account for the 50+ year-old publication I work at, @washingtonian, with 300K followers. They won’t tell me what we did wrong or which policy we violated. They tell me to contact the faceless inbox which autoresponds in the wee hours with the same one sentence “eff off” response. Twitter just doesn’t care. I regret trusting them with our business.


ha, and not two minutes later I get a reply from someone with actual details. A billing problem from July. The Ads site could’ve just told me that!

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