Twitter accounts interfered in Turkey


Dear Twitter Managers,

In the last 24 hours all twitter users have experienced bulk losses of followers or constant changes in the number of followers. Some people have found all their followers deleted as well as the people they follow. The rumor in Turkey is that Twitter is deleting fake accounts. But we are not sure as many strange things are happening to many accounts especially journalists, columnists.

Is twitter deleting fake accounts ? Has somebody hacked hundreds of accounts in Turkey ?

Prof Elif Dagli


It seems it’s not only in Turkey, prof. Elif. My account is suspended too (I’m from Serbia), and I’ve noticed a few more people who wrote here complaining about their account being suspended. I’ve been wandering ever since here, looking for answers and I’m still waiting for a reply from Twitter since I’ve sent an e-mail about my suspended account.




Seems like they are suspending random accounts in every country.