Twitter Account Suspension


I tweeted these two tweets:

1st Tweet: “@HolyRacePPWW @Bum_Farto @iH8nigrs @lynchemkeller @NiggersHanging1 @RelaxBitchNIGGA @Kriegsson @smokeboi88 #OpRacism Expect Me.”

2nd Tweet: “@fleastinkman2 @Clayton69BigsBy @NiggsBeHatinDoe @Niggerkiller15 #OpRacism I am an Anon. I never forgive, I never forget, Expect me.”

My account was then suspended.

But why?

I was alerting users to racist accounts (those featured in my two tweets), and raising people’s attention to the fact that those featured in the tweets above were tweeting discriminating and totally degrading tweeters.

So why was my account suspended?


We can’t discuss account suspensions here (especially since this site is all about applications and developers and not accounts).

But our algorithms are tuned to look for what they consider abusive behavior – at-mentioning a bunch of users who have no connection to the account doing the mentioning is seen as somewhat spammy behavior, and in all likelihood the reason your account was suspended by the algorithm is that what you were doing was indistinguishable from spam, at least from the perspective of the algorithm.