Twitter account suspended - Production application



We serve thousands of cryptotraders daily on , we just got suspended without prior notice.
We would love to understand and fix what we did wrong, but please help us by un-suspending the app in the meanwhile!

I sent a ticket, but it says it will take a few days.
Is there any way to speed this?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately we are unable to help with individual applications or accounts via these forums. You’ll need to work via the support form. Please make sure that you respond as directed in any automated notices. Application suspensions are usually accompanied by an email notification explaining the reason, that would be directed to the email address associated with the owning Twitter account, but this is not always possible.

In the meantime, we’d encourage you to check our policy notices on the developer forums, most recently those related to automated replies, aggressive following, and multiple applications for the same use case, in case any of these are related to your use of the platform.

Thank you for your patience.