Twitter account blocked for API feed


our website is part of a larger site containing lots of different departments, the site is run from UMBRACO, and the web developers have created a widget/block to allow us to put our twitter feed on the site. This works fine for a lot of other accounts i have tried but for some reason @trentsimulation doesn’t work.

I have contacted the web developers and they have said that
"We have been keeping an eye on this and it appears that you twitter account id banning our api connection. Please can you check this? "

I have had a look through the settings on and cant see anything that will be blocking it. i have also contacted Twitter and they say
"Unfortunately we do not provide technical support for the Twitter Platform via this helpdesk. We suggest that you check out our API documentation for more information: . You may also want to post about this in our developer discussion forum: Our API engineering team interacts with developers here on a regular basis."

so basically i cant work out why this one account @trentsimulation is being blocked when all the others i try work

any help or thoughts???


What specifically is not working when you try to set a widget up pointing to this account? What steps are taken to set it up?


its not the widget from twitter, its the block within umbrco which has been set up to pull the data from twitter, that seams basically to not like this account it works with any others i have tried.

@using TwitterClient

try {
var username = @Parameter != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Parameter.username) ? Parameter.username : “**********”;

TweetClient client = new TweetClient("***********", "*************", 60);
var tweets = client.GetTweets(username, 2);

<div class="widget newsFeed">
  <div class="blockTitle socialTabs">
    <ul class="idTabs"> 
        <a href="#idTab4" class="selected">
          <span class="tabArrow">
            <span class="l4"></span>
            <span class="l3"></span>
            <span class="l2"></span>
            <span class="l1"></span>
  <div class="blockContent twitterFeed" id="idTab4" style="display:none;">
      @foreach (var tweet in tweets)
        string stringDate = tweet.GetDateTime().ToString("dd/MM/yyyy - hh:mm");

        <li class="clearfix">
          <img class="twitterAvatar" src="@tweet.user.profile_image_url" />
          <div class="title">
             <a href="">@Html.Raw("@")@username</a>: @tweet.text
          <div class="date">@stringDate</div>
    <div class="blockLink"><a href="" onclick="; return false">Follow us on Twitter<span></span></a></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $(".twitterFeed").find("li").each(function () {
            var text = $(this).html();
            text = replaceURLWithHTMLLinks(text);

}catch(Exception ex)




This looks like really old code that’s making a lot of wrong assumptions about – the “@” symbol, for example, should rarely if ever be used in a URL on


thing is this works for all the other ones I have tried with it.

It seams to just have an issue with trentsimulation which is the issue.

As the code is from the web company, that built the website. and its script from within umbraco (razor script i believe) hence the use of @ more so use of it in the URLs for the user name.


Just quickly looking at the code it looks like the @username is just a variable from the top i have ****** out the details as not sure if they are aloud to be given out or not as they look like they may be an API key of some sorts.

But happy to be corrected! as i am no expert!!!