Twitter Account actitivity migration guide



Another key difference you will notice in regards to data being delivered is that Twitter will no longer send events from people that you follow on Twitter. This was an intentional change and is not something we plan to alter going forward.

Couldn’t understand above mentioned change which is in this link .Please clarify.


Any update?


Hi @RajiitGct,

Thank you for your question! The excerpt that you mentioned is related to the event types being sent through the Account Activity API compared to Site Streams. When using Site Streams, the API would deliver activities related to accounts that the subscribed account follows. Here is an example: I am tracking account activity related to my personal Twitter account. On said account, I follow @jack. On site streams, I would receive events from Jack’s activity, On the Account Activity API, you will not receive these events.

Please let me know if I can clarify further.




Hello, you mean status/filter endpoint with track and follow parameter? which is not available in account activity api right now?


No, that is a different endpoint. Account Activity API replaces User Streams or Site Stream - not the standard statuses/filter endpoint.


Okay andypiper , thanks for clarification


Maybe I’m thick, but I still don’t get this.

Let me ask a simple question: I follow @jack and @jack publishes a new tweet that is NOT a mention of me nor a quote of any tweet I previously sent. (Let’s say his tweet just says: “Hey, I love spring.”) Will that tweet show up as an event on my Activity API webhook?


I’m pretty sure you can’t subscribe to someone’s tweets through these APIs.
You’d have to use GNIP for that.


You will not get this tweet via Account Activity API , rather you can get this via statuses/filter (public stream) api .