Twitter access token changed?



Hey everyone,

I posted yesterday that I got error code 220 “Your credentials do not allow access to this resource” and I solder it by adding userId or username and everything was working fine.

Today I went back it wasn’t working anymore! Nothing changed! So I thought to look at the oauth token I get and it’s what is stated in my apps.twitter and I read it doesnt change.

However I tried to perform the same API call from twitter console, and the oauth token used there is G7kq1ppNFc4******vpw2 but then one i get when I make my request from my server is always the same "fBcww7uj1BXx6Sfh3MpnAYeuZ40HAM" .

Can someone please explain me what’s going on?


Check back where the token is stored on your server. Try to re-authenticate the user?


something must have been wrong the way i set headers for the REST API request. :confused:

Not sure how it worked 2 days ago, but i install an npm package for twitter for nodejs and it’s all ok :slightly_smiling:


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