Twitter abuse


Hello, I am one of Twitter users who started due to follow my favorite singers. With the features that anyone can send tweets to anyone even you are not known, I am enjoying sending tweets to the singers and see what do they do. However, sadly some people are abusing these awesome features. They send offensive and mocking messages such as ‘die’. Although our fanclub people block them to spam, these crimes do not seem to end. Rather ended up singers signing out Twitter. The serious problem is that it is not only happening to my singers but to most of celebrities using Twitter. Though we can accuse them for violence as Twitter’s policies, I found the process is a bit complicated. So what I want to suggest is why don’t Twitter can block at first place if any users typed any words related to violence or mocking? For example, if someone typed ‘die’ in the tweet, they can’t send that tweet due to the content of message. Or at least please make Twitter users to access declaring these crimes easily like how ‘blocking as spam’ is. I hope many people can only be delight and merry through Twitter! Thank You.