Twitter 410 error


My Python program lately giving this error. Please help me to resolve the issue.

tw1 =,lang=‘en’,show_user=1,include_entities=1, result_type=‘recent’,rpp=100,page=pg)

raise TwitterHTTPError(e, uri, self.format, arg_data)
twitter.api.TwitterHTTPError: Twitter sent status 410 for URL: search.json using parameters: (lang=en&rpp=50&show_user=1&page=1&q=iPhone&geocode=34.0522342%2C-118.2436849%2C500mi&include_entities=1&result_type=mixed)



Your twitter library likely needs to be updated, and you need to authenticate to use the v1.1 twitter api. This changeover happened on June 11th.


See also [node:126] for a list of libraries updated for 1.1, many python options there.