Twitter 2.4.0 - Could not build objective-c module TwitterCore or unavailable debug info




When I switched to TwitterKit and TwitterCore version 2.4.0 I first noticed that my debug info is unavailable but after a few builds I could not build anymore and a bunch of errors appeared such as:

  • Could not build objective-c module TwitterCore
  • Include of non-modular header inside framework module 'TwitterCore’
    I later discovered that after I run “pod install” errors dissapear, although this does not update libraries or changes any files in repo.

I have mixed Objective-C and Swift iOS project and I include <Twitter/TwitterKit.h> in a bridging header.
I use:

  • XCode 7.3.1
  • Cocoapods 1.0.1
    If you need sample project with this problem I will try to provide it.
    I also saw there was a similar error in the past:
    Please fix this as it is annoying, but I can’t revert back to older versions, because version 2.4.0 contains fix for where completion block would be called too early when returning from a SFSafariViewController login redirect.


Hey @mindhacker,

Thanks for posting and sharing these details - if you have a sample project that we can reproduce this on, please send it over. If you prefer to send it over email - contact support(at)fabric(dot)io with a reference to this thread.




it seems that in XCode 8 this bug fixed itself, my debug info is available now, so I think there is no need to send you sample project now. Thanks anyway.


Glad to hear you’re all set @mindhacker and happy coding!