Twitter 1.1 - Deleting Retweets


Currently our application allows us to delete retweets from timelines. We enable this functionality by making a “retweeted_by_me” call. This call is no longer available in Twitter 1.1.

As far as I can see under 1.1. the authenticated user’s retweets are only available by making a call to retrieve the authenticated user timeline. So take the following scenario -
User A is the authenticated user, User A wants to view User B’s timeline.

We make the call to retrieve User B’s timeline, then we have to iterate through the tweets picking out ones that have a retweeted flag set to true.

User B’s timline

[{“id”:22222, …“retweeted”:true…},
{“id”:33333, …“retweeted”:false…},
{“id”:44444, …“retweeted”:true…}]

List 1 – ids of tweets that been retweeted by authenticated user
[22222, 44444]

We then make a call to retrieve User A’s timeline and we then have to iterate through these finding retweet objects that have original object Ids on list 1.

User A’s timeline

[{“id”:12345,…retweeted_status": {“id”:22222, …}…},
{“id”:56793,…retweeted_status": {“id”:55555, …}…},
{“id”:21312,…retweeted_status": {“id”:44444, …}…}]

If user A is a much more active user than user B, then its conceivable we may have to make several calls to user A’s timeline in order to find all the retweets for id’s in list 1.

All of this pain could be avoided if we could somehow get the id of the
authenticated user’s retweet id embedded in the timeline object,

e.g. User B’s timeline with embedded retweet id

[{“id”:22222, …“retweet_id”:12345…},
{“id”:33333, …},
{“id”:44444, …“retweet_id”:21312…}]

Many thanks for your help with this.