Twiiter Cards


Ok Maybe I am way off on setting this up. My twitter card was approved and somewhat seems like it is working. My question is do I need to set up a card for each product, or should I set up one card for the entire site or is there a way to change it so each twitter button on each page creates a new product card.???
I’m a little slow with this maybe there is a place with detail instructions

Kyra Hoffner


I would like to know this too, as I can get all of the other information to be picked up from the meta data, but I can’t get it to change the display link at the bottom from the original “product” that I test with. Are these fixed? Do I have to have an individual page for each product and therefore an individual card?

This is our Twitter Page: - as you can see the Twitter card for Burton is displaying the link for Lego (although it links to the correct place)? How do I make that link change for each of the “products” we wish to promote?

Thank you


@Kyra - For best results, you should include the Card data specific for each product on each product’s page. The instructions for the Product Card, which you’re using, are at If you update each page’s content properly you’ll be able to Tweet links to each product (e.g. and the Card displayed on Twitter will include the content for that product.