TweetTimelineListAdapter certain profile pictures not showing up (Android)


I’ve successfully connected to a TweetTimelineListAdapter on Android, however certain profile pictures are not showing up on the timeline. The images show up perfectly on a browser and the iOS version, but what is the problem for Android?




Could you tell me which API level are you using? Also, which sim / device are you running this on?




Sure, I’m looking for an API level but can’t find where it is exactly. I’m assuming it’s the latest, since it was installed using Fabric for Eclipse a couple weeks ago, which is on version 2.2.1 / 3.6.4. The AndroidManifest.xml for com-twitter-sdk-android_tweet-ui says version 1.1.

The result is showing up like this on a Nexus 5. However, it’s working just fine when trying from an HTC One (M7).



Which version of Android is running on your Nexus? I’ll try to repro this.



It’s on 5.0.2. The timeline snippet is the following:

final UserTimeline userTimeline = new UserTimeline.Builder().screenName(“California_ISO”).build();
final TweetTimelineListAdapter adapter = new TweetTimelineListAdapter(this.getActivity(), userTimeline);



Hey Job_Mo,

TweetViews use Picasso for image loading and TweetUi 1.1 specified a Picasso 2.3.2 dependency. Picasso has released some new versions which provide various fixes and improvements; our next release may bump the version to provide those for everyone. No need to wait though, you can specify a higher dependency version which will be used in your app. That may help alleviate issues you’re seeing.

compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2'


I tried on a Nexus 5 5.0.1 and was not able to repro this. Could you try Dalton’s suggestion above?



I have the same problem,

I test several devices and not all of them fails:

  • Sony Z2 with Android 5.0.2 fails!
  • Samsumg i9000 Android 4.4.2 fails!
  • Sony L Android 4.2.2 Works

After several tries this is my solution

    // Twitter images bug
    compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2' 
    // Twitter
    //compile('') { transitive = true; }
    compile('') { transitive = true; }

When I use with com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2 all pictures are missing.

Using all pictures are showed in all devices. I think all 1.3 versions fail

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