Tweetsharp Truncated


hi there, i use tweetsharp to search some tweets from twitter.
And the code is working, but it retrieves truncated text.

here is my code:

 public List<Tweets> serarch()
            List<Tweets> tlist = new List<Tweets>();
            var service = new TwitterService("ck", "cs");
            service.AuthenticateWith("tk", "tks");
            var options = new SearchOptions { Q = "#sexualassault #rape" };
            var tweets = service.Search(options);
            foreach (var tweet in tweets.Statuses)

                if (tlist.Count == 50)
                    tlist.Add(new Tweets {
                        Name = tweet.User.Name,
                        Text = tweet.Text

            return tlist;


You’ll need to find a way to add the tweet_mode=extended parameter to the call. I assume it might go in the SearchOptions array, but I’m not familiar with TweetSharp.