Tweetsharp Oauth authentication without pin/verifier


I’ve seen quite a few apps that use OAuth but don’t ask the user for a pin/verifier after they log in with the browser. I want to use tweetsharp ( for my WP7 app and the example they have in the documentation still asks for a verifier:

// Step 3 - Exchange the Request Token for an Access Token
string verifier = “123456”; // <-- This is input into your application by your user
OAuthAccessToken access = service.GetAccessToken(requestToken, verifier);

Any idea if (and how) authentication is possible using TweetSharp without the extra verifier?


Hi Did you find an answer to your question. I am in similar scenario as yours, and would like to avoid User entering PIN. I am developing a windows phone app


In Windows Phone 8, with Tweetsharp, how we can post images in Twitter wall…
Do you have any working code… Please help me…


there isnt any answer to this question? or someone already know the answer?
I’m in the same question…
How to avoid user entering PIN??