TweetSharp GetRequestToken


Hello everyone,

I am using TweetSharp Api and I have some problems concerning the service.GetRequestToken().
For example in my C# function I do a simple sendTweet(). On my Tweeter account my App is not registered. So I get an Unauthorized Response and I call my Authorize method.

TwitterService service = new TwitterService("ConsumerKey", "ConsumerSecret"); OAuthRequestToken requestToken = service.GetRequestToken("callbacklink"); Uri uri = service.GetAuthorizationUri(requestToken); return new RedirectResult(uri.ToString(), false);

The problem is that when I’m redirected to the Twitter authorization window the first time I have the good window but if i try again wihtout having authorized my app, the url is like :
And I get an error.
If I continue I get the good url and after the empty one and so on…

Do you have any explaination ?
Thanks a lot !


Set the “Callback URL” on the Twitter app you a using, you can specify different ones with the request if needed, but one must be specified in the app’s config for things to work. Also presuming “ConsumerKey”, “ConsumerSecret”, "callbacklink"are placeholders and have been set to your appropriate Key/Secret/Callback.