Tweets won't show. . . .sometimes


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The twitter-feed is working fine. . .The most of the time it works fine. But sometimes the tweets won’t show and they just disappear. Is there a way to fix this?

The url: URL: or


Rutger Roffel

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If you share your public IP with many users over an internal network, it is possible that you’ve hit your anonymous rate limit for the hour. After 150 requests from the same IP in an hour, widgets will stop loading tweets for that IP address.


@kurrik, thanks for the answer. That must be the cause of the problem!


Hi Arne-

I work on a site that receives a significant amount of traffic, and we host a twitter widget on the page. at times, we are seeing the control render with no tweets contained in it. the script is as follows below. because this is anonymous usage, is there anything we can do to address this? it occurs on our internal network (we’re receiving reports of no tweets displaying) but we’re also concerned about other users of the site on their internal networks experiencing the same thing. any insight would be appreciated. thanks!

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
  $.getScript('', function() {
	    var oTweet = new TWTR.Widget({
        id: 'tw-inner',
		      version: 2,
		      type: 'list',
		      rpp: 30,
		      interval: 30000,
		      title: '',
		      subject: 'Selected Trading Tweets',
		      width: 350,
		      height: 300,
		      theme: {
			      shell: {
				      background: '#c88c50',
				      color: '#ffffff'
			      tweets: {
				      background: '#ffffff',
				      color: '#444444',
				      links: '#004176'
		      features: {
			      scrollbar: true,
			      loop: false,
			      live: true,
			      hashtags: true,
			      timestamp: true,
			      avatars: true,
			      behavior: 'all'
	    }).render().setList('Marketwatch', 'trading-deck').start();


Yes, the widget will be rendered according to the rate limit of the IP address of the visiting user. In a case where a visitor is part of a network which may be behind a single or limited number of IP addresses, there’s a chance that the limits will be hit and the widget will not render (this is true of your own internal network, it seems).

If this is a big concern, I would suggest using the REST API to cache a feed of the tweets you want to display server-side and rendering that manually. Unfortunately, I’m unaware of any quick fixes to solve the widget issue reliably for all users.


perfect - thanks for the quick reply!


Hi there,
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I’ve got 2 questions, one is about SSL script loading and the other is about lazyloading scripts

  1. this script works OK, but if i change it to HTTPS it doesnt work! We run some e-commerce sites, and this is a matter for us. This script loads in easyload, script loader. This script doesnt work with easyload.
Can you enlighten me about this, is this a issue for you too? Thanks.



I’m having the same problem as told by @Rudcher: sometimes, the tweets disappear.
I’m using this code:

new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 10, interval: 6000, width: 'auto', height: 160, theme: { shell: { background: '#333333', color: '#5a5a5a' }, tweets: { background: '#dadada', color: '#2C2C2C', links: '#2C2C2C' } }, features: { scrollbar: true, loop: false, live: true, hashtags: false, timestamp: true, avatars: false, behavior: 'all' } }).render().setUser('jlcabeleireiro1').start();

I would like to know if this problem also occur if a use the embbeded timeline provided by the twitter configuration (



In most cases with the old widgets like this one, if results were not displaying it was due to rate limiting on the widget. The new embedded timeline widgets you link to do not suffer from the same rate limiting issues as the older widgets.


I am running into the same issue: my widget (Themify - Twitter) is not pulling tweets onto my site this morning.

I plugged in another twitter feed widget, ‘Twitter (Jetpack)’ and got the response that Twitter was not responding.

Does anyone know: how long does this issue take to resolve (e.g. if it is related to rate limiting on the widget)?

@episod : Can you give an example of a ‘new’ embedded timeline widget so that I can rule out that it is a rate limiting issue on my side, versus a Twitter issue? I tested two widgets: Jetpack and the one that is standard within Themify.

Thank you!


Recently I’ve updated my twitter widget successfully. It worked fine until 14 days ago, it won’t show more recent tweets other than te last one about 14 days ago.
I’m on a shared server, traffic to the site is modest. What could be causing this?