Tweets with media ( mainly pictures ) dont get not showwing


hello there, I have a problem with tweets that contain media mainly pictures, they don’t get delivered to user’s notification. they dont even appear on search !! tweets without media are just fine !! This happened to me lately 5 months ago maybe. Please help, thank you very much


There’s no notification API, so this is not a developer platform question that we can help with. If you have a specific issue with uploading media via the API which do not then show up with the Tweet on or in the mobile app, we may be able to look into that.



thank you very much for your reply. I’m a normal Twitter user, and really need help. mentions with media , quoting mentions dont get deleived to user’s notofication Which is driving me crazy !! I dont know what is wrong with my account !! I have other accounts ans they are all just perfect !! please anyone can me help me with this issue ?!!


Apologies @ahalovesm, the team here focuses on developer products. The best advice we can offer is to read over this support article for possible clues. If the answer is not there, please contact the Support team via the link at the bottom of that page.


@jubulava thank you so much sir for your kindness ! I will thank you very much again, really sorry for bothering you here, I was really helpless.

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