Tweets with language not present in supported lang


Hi guys,
I’m getting tweets from the twitter streaming api and I found that some of them have language code “in”.
The language code is supposed to be on the ISO 639-1 standard, but I haven’t been able to find to which language does it correspond, and there is no “in” language supported by Twitter in the list I get calling this ->

Any ideas of why ?

Thanks in advance,


I believe that this is a legacy issue and that this is Indonesian (should be “id” or “ind” but is accidentally “in” in our system). Would that match the possible language that you’re seeing inside the Tweets? FWIW I think Hebrew has a similar issue and is returned as “iw” instead of “he”. Apologies for these confusions.


Hi Andy,

We tweet in Urdu language that is not supported for Twitter ads.
We have been sending emails on the issue to Twitter Ads help center, but so far no luck.

Could you please offer any piece of advice to help us promote our tweets in Urdu language.



Unfortunately we are unable to assist with Ads usage questions here.

This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum



Thanks for your prompt response. Could you refer us to some of the forums where we can get answers to our questions ??


There are no forums for that, you’ll need to work with the Ads support team.