Tweets with just hashtag (or hashtag and link) not appearing in Search API


Hello, I’ve looked through the forums but couldn’t find a thread that directly related to this question - sorry if it’s a duplicate.

I’ve created 2 posts - 1 with a hashtag and a link and another with a hashtag and some text - eg:

  1. with “#victories4pets
  2. with “#victories4pets test2”

Both posts appear in the site search (see screengrab of results

But using the API only the 2nd post appears (this is a screengrab of the JSON response and I’m using this call:

Any ideas why this might be? They’re both recent posts.



Hello @tgarrood,

Without getting too deep into this, I do want to point out that the search/tweets endpoint is not full-fidelity. If you would like an exhaustive list of all the Tweets that match a query, I recommend that you look into the Premium Search APIs.


It also looks like these were posted from a brand new account, so it’s reasonable to suspect that the account is not yet being indexed for access by the standard Search endpoint. As @LeBraat notes, you would want to look at a premium option. I can confirm that both of these Tweets are returned by premium search, which uses a different indexing mechanism.


Thanks @LeBraat and @andypiper - ah yes I suspected it might be something like that. I’ve applied for access to the Premium API.

Thanks a lot for looking into this for me, really appreciated the prompt response.