Tweets with attached image display Twitter card image instead


Hi guys!
Since yesterday I have noticed that if I retweet a Tweet that has a link to an article and an uploaded image, the Twitter card image displays instead of the attached image (which would make more sense for that particular tweet)
Is this an unexpected side effect of the change in Twitter cards?
Here’s an example:

And on other tweets the attached gifographic is not showing anymore either :frowning:

But I can see the attached gifographic on the iPhone Twitter app:
In the case of my Twitter account there’s only a few occasions where the change in image affects the tweet clarity and engagement but for some of my clients who tweet something related to the image they attach, the meaning of the tweet gets totally lost.
Any and all help will be appreciated!!


Since then I also discovered that Twiiter for IPhone behaves differently from desktop Twitter and also behaves differently in different Twitter accounts.
Here’s one example (of the many I noticed) On one account I can see a preview of the image that will display (if there’s also an image attached I can remove the link preview and the attached image then displays correctly) on 2 other accounts the link does not display a preview. Then you have no way of choosing which image should be displayed.
Of course, for people who retweet you, their RT automatically displays the shortened url image (from the Twitter card) instead of the attached image.
Hope the additional information helps!
Thank you!