Tweets Suddenly Stopped Working Today




I developed a WordPres plugin Strictly TweetBot that allows you to post tweets to various accounts depending on whether content matches the text you setup, various formats for the tweet and the ability to use post tags as #hashtags.

Today the plugin stopped working about 12 BST.

When I view the status window it says all my accounts have not been verified even though I deleted them all and went through them one by one adding them back in, using the PIN Code form of OAuth verification.

After entering the PIN Code it says the account is verified but when I try and sent tweets it says its not.

This was working fine on multiple sites up until today. And the last tweets were sent at EXACTLY 12.00 BST (midday England), as I can see a tweet with that time stamp on it then nothing afterwards.

Is there a problem with Twitter or has something been changed or turned off?

Also the Facebook App to send tweets to a FB page keeps stopping. I have to disconnect the app, re-link it to my FB account and then set the page. I do this about 3-5 times a day. This never used to break but it has stopped all my social media tweets from going from my site to Twitter to Facebook, or LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook.

What is going on?