Tweets Streaming: Tweets are being cut off to 140 characters



Hello Twitter,

Thanks for maintaining this forum and helping developers in need :slight_smile:
I’m using statuses/filter endpoint to stream tweets into the application at the moment (until webhooks for tweets are done).

My Problem is that all tweets arrive cut off to old 140 characters limit, which means that sometimes it cuts half of the tweet! Resulting text will look like:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam et sem dignissim, vestibulum mauris et, viverra maur…

That’s with link at the end leading to actual tweet.
This seems like a bug to me, could you fix the cutting off to respect new 280 limit?

Many Thanks in advance


You should find an extended_tweet section in the Tweet object too, are you only looking at the text field?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply.
Indeed I use a library which looks at text field only.
Is this an outdated approach?

Actually, I found this issue, which might help to make further progress.
Still find a bit strange that by default tweet text is cut off.


Yes, extended Tweets have existed for 18 months now.