Tweets scheduler / spam policy


Hello everyone, I am quite new to Twitter app development.

I am planning to develop a schedule app that can help me automize my tweets. This could be used for either promote a product, recruit or remind my followers of an important event.

However, I am concerned that Twitter may ban me for “spamming”. E.g. imagine that I am advertising 5 products (5 tweets total) and I do this 4 times a day (20 tweets a day). Will this have any problem with Twitter’s spam policy, even if my tweets for that day are not duplicate? I could also plan these tweets for a whole week. What should I be aware of?

Thanks in advance


I’d recommend checking the clarification on automation on the platform as a starting point. Substantially duplicative content over any period of time is likely to be detected as problematic.


Thank you for your reply, now I am aware of the situation.


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