Tweets & Retweets (combined): 300 per 3 hours - Help with extended use access


Hi Twitter Team

I applied for elevated post access, but was declined and could not reapply through the link.
I had written quite a thorough application and was willing to work with Twitter to make the app compliant but didn’t receive an explanation on why the app had failed.

I understand the new end point limits are in force today, and had updated limits with the app so that no user can send more than 300 Tweets per 3 hours

  • Tweets & Retweets (combined): 300 per 3 hours

I am seeing a lot of posts rejected as “User is over daily status update limit.”

We have just under 2k users registered for using our app, 300 tweets per 3 hours for the entire app won’t be able to serve all of these users.

Can Twitter team confirm this limit is per user using the app or for the entire app.

Can someone review my application and tell me what was wrong with it?

Kind regards



Sorry for the inconvenience Christopher. We do not comment on specific applications. I suggest for you to review our automation rules and developer terms and policy and make any necessary adjustments to your use case to become compliant with our policies.

I can confirm that there are now both user and app-level rate limits in place for several of our POST endpoints. You can see both of these listed on their respective API reference pages.


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