Tweets retroactively not indexed in rest API?


Going back for at least the past year, ALL of my tweets seem to have been retroactively un-indexed, not visible in hashtag searches. How is this possible? My primary acct has 1,000’s of followers, is followed by top journos (has high quality content), is very active, and follows behavioral guidelines.

So far programming friends have only come up with it not being indexed, but no reason as to how to fix this. Is it possible my handle is blocked incidentally? Is there a Twitter blacklist/political motivations for blocking (I am a political organizer, use my acct for political action/reporting/commentary)? I don’t want to believe this but I’m running out of alternatives. If the indexer applies a “random” algorithm, how is it that literally NO original tweet of mine, despite high engagement, RT’s, etc, appears in any HT search (with the exception of when people manually RT me)?

Please help! I’ve contacted support repeatedly to no avail.