Tweets Repeat Over and Over in Embedded Timeline


I have created a “Twitter” page on my website with multiple embedded timelines. Most of the time they work great, but periodically, the timelines will scroll the same tweet dozens of times in a row. Is there a parameter I’m missing or some way to throttle that?


I’m having the same issue: Any solutions?


On I observed what looked like two Tweets repeating for Omar Kelly but was really a Tweet crossposted from Instagram followed by a Tweet directly posted to Twitter four minutes later.


On I see an embedded search timeline with a “from:NewSecurityBeat OR @NewSecurityBeat” search query. A displayed search result may appear to repeat when the original Tweet appears in the search result followed by retweets of that Tweet. If you see “Retweeted by” below the Tweet text you’re seeing a unique search result returned for your query.


Hi Niall,
That’s correct, but that’s not the issue. Sometimes (I’m not clear on when exactly – I’ve noticed after having the site open in a tab and then coming back to it after some time) a single Tweet will start duplicating over and over in the feed. The widget will be scrolling down to accomodate it too. I’ll try to keep an eye out for exact conditions.


If you look carefully, you’ll see that these are two different tweets, even though they’re both from OmarKelly and cover the same material.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is the same that Schuyler is seeing: sometimes, for no apparent reason, there’s a burst of tweets that are identical that flood the timeline - 10 or 12 in a row, not just one or two. They come in rapidly, so the timeline scrolls rapidly. But you actually have to follow the timeline for some period of time before you see it.


Here’s a screenshot of the problem:


In the above screenshot, there were 47 other identical tweets that had scrolled down the page, so there were 51 total identical repeated tweets in a single burst. This continues to happen regularly on all the embedded timelines I have.


Same issue here. Please fix twitter. This is very annoying. In my experience, a page refresh will get rid of the duplicate tweets and seems to ‘reset’ the embedded list, but the issue always reoccurs.


we are seeing that behavour as well on our library site - it is intermittent though, and as mentioned usually cleared by refreshing the page. Is there something we need to adjust in the embed to stop this behaviour?


This apparently has been fixed: Duplicate tweets on twitter widget when tabbing and widget updates


A fix for the duplication issue has been deployed.