Tweets rendered by Tweet Button associate Twitter Card to the wrong account


Title just about sums it up.

It’s very odd, our Twitter summary cards were approved and activated yesterday, and they seemed to be working fine. But, for some reason, when you share a link using the Tweet button on our posts, the Twitter card associates itself to our old Twitter account and I cannot figure out why.

There are no dev apps associated with the old Twitter account.

My site is: An example of a post is: An example of our Twitter cards working regularly is An example of our Twitter card associating to the wrong Twitter account (via the Tweet Button) is

Both of the above tweets contain the same link to the same post, yet the one generated by the Tweet Button associates to the wrong Twitter account on the card.

Our current, correct Twitter account is the old one is

Any help with this issue is appreciated. Thanks.


I’m having the exact same thing. I’m assuming it might be a caching issue with twitter if you created another Twitter Card with the old account.

I created one last year with an old account and it is still showing that one even though I’ve gone through each step to make sure that our new Twitter account is on everything needed.

Very odd one.