Tweets promoted via the Twitter "Promoted Mode" beta - do these show up as ads?


Good afternoon!

With the launch of the new Twitter “Promoted Mode” beta, I have a few questions about promoted tweets through the promoted mode and how they’re represented in the Ads API. I have not been able to find these answers elsewhere. Namely,

  • Will these promoted tweets be accessible through the ads API? They do not show up as “nullcasted” tweets in the scoped timeline (promoted tweets), but I can see them as organic tweets.
  • Will tweets promoted through the beta show up as Ads being run through my ad account? Currently, this does not seem to be the case.
  • Is there a way to determine through the API which tweets have been automatically promoted?
  • Is there a way to determine through the API the specific metrics revolved around specific promoted tweets? (how much a specific promoted tweet earned me reach, for example)


Hi - I’m assuming you are talking about this Promote Mode:

This is not integrated with the Ads API and instead you receive reports about performance directly from our Ads UI or mail newsletters. Thanks for the feedback if you are saying that you want the ability to augment promote mode or enhance reporting but generally we would recommend power users to use the Ads API directly to simulate similar behavior to Promote Mode and optimize for performance and budget allocation.