Tweets only appearing in Tweets & Replies section and not updating in Widget


For the past two weeks any Tweets we add aren’t appearing in our list of tweets but are, instead, appearing in the Tweets & Replies tab.

As a result, our widget, which features on our website, isn’t updating with the new Tweets.

The only way we can get the Tweet to appear in our list of Tweets is to PIN it, however the Tweet still doesn’t appear in our widget.

Has something crashed over the past couple of weeks? Known bug?

Hope you can help as we’re new to this and Twitter seems really unreliable so far. :slight_frown:
Thank you


If you begin a Tweet with an @handle then it will show on the Tweets with Replies tab and not on the main timeline. The widget will show your main timeline rather than partial conversations (which is what Tweets starting with an @handle with will appear as). Try changing the format of your Tweets to resolve this.


Sorted. Thank you andypiper.


I’m glad! You’re welcome, and thanks for using Twitter! :smile: