Tweets of all the people I follow as RSS Feed?


How can I get the tweets of the people that I follow on Twitter as an RSS Feed?
To clarify, I don’t want MY tweets shown in the RSS Feed but of the people that I follow!


Is there an answer to this, I’d also like to add a feed to my RSS reader of the people I follow, their tweets not mine.



Twitter no longer offers RSS feeds, sorry.


Twitter RSS Feed Generator Tool


GooD Night


I’ve setup a PROTOPAGE as a fantastic homepage that allows me to all kinds of types of code, embed live tv channels, websites, widgets and apps. Since the EPIC MYYAHOO failure on homepages…Protopage pulls in almost anything.

When you ADD a Widgets function…in the left column that appears…there is something called Twitter TImeline. That’s the one you want to use…it’ creates a live newsfeed of who you follow.

Protopage has been a dream home starter page. I pull in all kinds of crazy stuff I never exptected to work. There are areas for codes and other universal formats that it accepts.