Tweets not working - API 1.1 with SSL - 403 Forbidden


Hi I am developing an application for iOS that posts to twitter (status and image) and as of today I am seeing problems with my requests. I know that SSL is now a mandatory requirement for requests and I changed all of them. For example my code for posting a tweet :

SLRequest *postRequest = [SLRequest requestForServiceType:SLServiceTypeTwitter
requestMethod : SLRequestMethodPOST
URL:[NSURL URLWithString:@“”]
parameters:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:message forKey:@“status”]];

Later on I perform the request and I get these responses :

2014-01-15 12:41:54.011 Unifeed[5040:60b] Result is <7b226572 726f7273 223a5b7b 22636f64 65223a32 32302c22 6d657373 61676522 3a22596f 75722063 72656465 6e746961 6c732064 6f206e6f 7420616c 6c6f7720 61636365 73732074 6f207468 69732072 65736f75 7263652e 227d5d7d>
2014-01-15 12:41:54.012 Unifeed[5040:60b] URL Response is <NSHTTPURLResponse: 0x165e2120> { URL: } { status code: 403, headers {
“Cache-Control” = “no-cache”;
“Content-Encoding” = gzip;
“Content-Length” = 108;
“Content-Type” = “application/json;charset=utf-8”;
Date = “Wed, 15 Jan 2014 19:41:53 GMT”;
Server = tfe;
Status = “403 Forbidden”;
“Strict-Transport-Security” = “max-age=631138519”;
“x-frame-options” = SAMEORIGIN;
“x-transaction” = da29f973a69931ac;
“x-xss-protection” = “1; mode=block”;
} }

As you can see I am not actually getting an error code, just a response data and a response URL stating 403- Forbidden.,..

Any ideas?



If you are sure that the request is being done with SSL, please check if your OAuth tokens are properly set. Check also if there is any configuration that’s overriding the behavior of the HTTP client you are using.