Tweets not updating


My tweets haven’t been updated since 08/02/2014 , I’ve tweeted everyday since that date and every time I try to update my tweets, it’s still the same, I haven’t used any of those programs which deletes tweets
please help x


We have the same problem. I can’t see my latest tweets in my profile page and it haven’t been updated since Feb. 15, 2014. Yes, I can tweet and I can see my tweet in my timeline but when I check my profile, my latest tweets doesn’t show. :confused: Someone pls help! :frowning:


Same here - I tweet daily via API but they are only available via my own timeline. I can search for keywords or hashtags and nada.


Hi guys. I’m happy to tell y’all that I’ve finally found out the solution to our problem. So what I did was I deleted over 300+ tweets which I had tweeted a few days ago. Well, you don’t really need to delete 300+ tweets, it’s up to you. So, I just kept on deleting and deleting until the latest tweets that I’ve tweeted finally showed up. Then I tweeted “testing…” ang reloaded my twitter profile page and tadaaaa! (lol) My latest tweets finally showed up including that “testing…” tweet that I tweeted. I hope this works on you because it worked on mine. :slight_smile: Have a great day everyone xx


I tried deleting tweets, no luck here.
When I check thru API /1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json? endpoint shows tweets BEFORE the bug (up to 07.02.2014) instead of latest, but sometimes randomly showing latest.
I didn’t tried to delete all recent tweets up to the buggy one, but even twitter website refuses to show me tweets from 08.02.2014 so I believe this is actually a bug.


This issue or something quite similar has been noted today on a couple of accounts used for notification of events affecting travelers in Virginia. Sometimes the most recent tweets as seen through the account page directly or returned by user_timeline stop around Feb19 as though that was when the last tweets for the account occurred even though activity has continued to the present. Other times though the recent tweets are fully current. Most accounts have not exhibited this behavior, and for those affected it seems random in when the stale content is returned. Sitting on the account page and refreshing sometimes gives the old content and sometimes gives the current.