Tweets not updating / I can't see my latest tweets in my profile / someone pls help!


I can’t see my latest tweets in my profile page and it haven’t been updated since Feb. 15, 2014. Yes, I can tweet and I can see my tweet in my timeline but when I check my profile, my latest tweets doesn’t show. :confused: Someone pls help! :frowning:


Hi guys. I’m happy to tell y’all that I’ve finally found out the solution to our problem. So what I did was I deleted over 300+ tweets which I had tweeted a few days ago. Well, you don’t really need to delete 300+ tweets, it’s up to you. So, I just kept on deleting and deleting until the latest tweets that I’ve tweeted finally showed up. Then I tweeted “testing…” ang reloaded my twitter profile page and tadaaaa! (lol) My latest tweets finally showed up including that “testing…” tweet that I tweeted. I hope this works on you because it worked on mine. :slight_smile: Have a great day everyone xx