Tweets not showing in search?


I hope I have the right category. I’m trying to use a Wordpress plugin called Twitter Posts to Blog to create a periodic digest of my tweets on my blog. It relies on Twitter’s search function to obtain results. Apparently, I’m supposed to use the format “from:[user]”. However, when I input that I get no results back. When I go to twitter and do the same search in the same format, no tweets are displayed, whether I choose “Top” or “All”. When I select “All” the only message that appears is “No Tweet results for from:[user]”. I’ve already looked in Twitter’s Help Center and have confirmed that account set up is complete and my tweets aren’t protected.

Is this something that can be fixed, or is it simply because my tweets are so terrible that I’ve been banished from search? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Sorry you’ve been having this problem. I’ve made a tweak on our end and all your future tweets should be included in search just fine.