Tweets not seen on Facebook Page



i have a problem with facebook connect. I would like to connect a Twitter Profile to my Facebook page. It is shown that the connection is successfull, but i cant see the tweets on my page

Thanks bevorhand )


I am the manager of my company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This has been an issue for us since at least May 16th when the last Twitter posts on our Facebook page was sent. I get the same error no matter how may times I try to unlink/link the accounts together. I tried clearing my cache of several different browsers to see if it was my computer’s issue but still no dice. should work too but it’s just not connecting correctly.

PLEASE, Twitter, get this issue fixed ASAP or at least tell us that it will be fixed soon. Everything I’m trying to Google in order to fix it goes straight to the same troubleshooting page that has not been updated recently, or just says to try unlinking and relinking the accounts together until it’s fixed.


I start to have the same problem today. No help…


Same issue here. Last tweet that made it to my page was on June 1st. I have send it to Twitter support, but they don’t answer. Tried the whole connecting/disconnecting resolution from the trouble shooting page several times, but it just won’t work. Please Twitter let us know how to fix this!


Same problem here, just stopped working on the 11th of June, we renewed our token and it is still not working!! This has caused a major upset to my customers, Twitter please fix !


Not working for me either.
In fact lots of automated systems have failed since then because of their API upgrade.
Keeping things up to date and secure etc is all very well and important but I don’t get how simple communication links totally fail like this and why backwards compatibility just gets thrown out the window. Why not allow older Apps & Tokens to still use the original API etc? Why completely shut everything off overnight? Is that really necessary? There are tons of broken latest tweets sections on websites now. It’s just silly Twitter decide to abandon their old API like the way they have done. Why also completely abandon the official older Twitter Widget? Surely that could have been made compatible? Even that just stopped working from 11th of June and they had even been tinkering with the interface to set those up last year. All those efforts in vain if you have to start your widget from scratch with a new interface and complete redesign.

I really think Twitter and Facebook make things too complicated for the average web user / developer with their OAUTH integrations and specific APIs for what I think are simple feature requests surely.

I wonder if this will get fixed or just get forgotten. Bizarre.

I think the main things web developers usually ask for with regards to APIs and backend code are consistency and no random surprises. I’ve seen no evidence Twitter and Facebook can stick to those principles over a period of several years.

An interesting article on how to fix latest tweets can be found here:

You’ll find more help around the web than on Twitter it seems.


In my case is not about the way people think of me, its about how I operate and why do I do it that way…


Yesterday was okay, but now there’s nothing posting on Fb.


Same issue here and also with my company twitter. The last thing posted in May for me personally. I find that tweets I post manually are working alright but those that come through Feedburner/RSS feed to Twitter do no subsequently post to Facebook.

Please, please, please correct this issue. Automation really made things easy for me and posting manually to multiple places is very time consuming.


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