Tweets Not Searchable on Established Account


So my account is around 3 years old and has over 100k tweets with nearly 16k followers… So it’s not a newbie account. I use this account to promote my blog and general life stuff.

Last week a brand contacted me to say my tweets were not showing when they were searching their dedicated hashtag. It turns out my tweets have been banned from searches. I set up a new account to tweet from regarding a particular part of my business, this has now been banned from searches too - despite me not link spamming. This is happening on desktop, mobile and using both twitter to tweet and apps like Buffer.

Twitter support won’t help and keep ignoring me. Any ideas how I can sort this? Whom I can contact? Or when it will resolve itself?

This is effecting my business.


The spam filtering system is not a simple one so it’s often difficult to say exactly why certain tweets get flagged and excluded from search results. Maybe it has nothing to do with your account - it may be that the URL / domain itself got flagged. I don’t know exactly because there are no public details, but a common signal is people reporting tweets as spam - if enough people report a tweet with a particular URL / hashtag, user - the anti spam system will learn to ignore those kinds of tweets in the future.


Thank you - although tweets without links are not showing either… I find it strange too that both accounts are now ‘blocked’ from searches.


Sorry that you’re having this issue. This forum exists to help developers with API questions. Please use for queries like this. We are unable to help with account issues in these forums. Thanks.