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I really need to find out how to tweet my blog posts links, so it loads the images as clickable, with the post description and title. I think it has to do with something called Cards. My blog is, and it is a weebly website. Can someone please help me and tell me what I need to do? If there is an easy-to-understand link please share it. I can understand quite a little bit about basic htmls, because I maintain my own website, but I’m not deep into big terms… PLEASE HELP!!!


Hi there - I’m not familiar with Weebly sites myself, but it looks like there’s a tutorial that someone has posted over here. Maybe that might be helpful? Good luck! :thumbsup:


ok… I think I figured how to place the meta tags on my header (not where the help link suggests) and I ran the card validator, and it show correctly, and as whitelisted for, but now I have this questions:

1-when it says now tweet the url to your page - I did, but the image/title/description did not load. when/how will I start seeing my card start working? is there a waiting period or another approval process?
2-when the meta tags are placed, it includes the information for a specific post, but will the correct information load when I tweet another post/links?

  1. Can you provide a link to a Tweet where your card is not working? I Tweeted it from my test account, and it show up fine, e.g.
    (there’s no additional approval step needed here)

  2. You’ll need to change the meta tags on each page or post. Most blogging systems provide the capability to do this using some kind of variables. Again, I’m sorry but I do not know how you would do that using weebly.


Thank you so much Andy!!!

1- My original card is showing now for that specific post… seems like it took couple of hours to show up.

2- Could you please tell me the technical name for this ‘variable’ feature? If you give me the technical name, i’ll be able to make some research or contact support at weebly, and they should be able to guide me.

3- What I’m trying to do is that whenever I/or anyone else shares a post from my blog post, it gets automatically loaded with the clickable image, the title, and the description of the post. I know it can be done, because I’ve seen it in other blogs, without adding different meta cards.

My blog section is, and when you click on any of the green titles it will take you to the post, and at the bottom you’ll find all the sharing option I have set.

There is no possible way that I will be adding a different card for each post… that is too much, and seems unnecessary when there are sites that do it automatically.

Again, thank so much for your help!


Yep, as you say this is pretty common. I had a quick look at the Weebly help center but it didn’t mention any way to add variable text into your header meta tags, which would need to be based on the blog post title, image, etc. Basically that’s what you need.

For Blogger, the tags are modified to look like this:

<meta name="twitter:url" expr:content='data:blog.url' /> 
<meta name="twitter:title" expr:content='data:blog.pageName' /> 
<meta name="twitter:description" expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription'/> 

In this case, the data:blog.* bit is a Blogger-defined variable that it substitutes in to the tags, and would be different for each post. I imagine Weebly has something similar, but I don’t know what that is.

Good luck! :shamrock:


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