Tweets not including entities by default


…well, they’re not being being included at all and I thought they were supposed to unless you specify include_entities=false. My very simple function to print the latest tweet works a little bit in that it prints the last tweet but only in plain text. Hashtags and URLs are output as plain text, too, and I’d really like them to be links. Can someone help me out here?

// require the twitter auth class
     require_once 'twitteroauth.php';
     $twitterConnection = new TwitterOAuth(
					'XXX',	// Consumer Key
					'XXX',   	// Consumer secret
					'XXX',       // Access token
					'XXX'    	// Access token secret

     $twitterData = $twitterConnection->get(
					    'screen_name'     => 'XXX',
					    'count'           => 1,
					    'exclude_replies' => true

     foreach($twitterData as $tweets)
		return $tweets->text;