Tweets more than 140 characters not returning media objects in my twiiter api request



am building a php app and an sending the following request

$data= $mycon->get("/statuses/show/".$id);

the above request works fine for tweets which are upto 140 characters and return media objects
extended entities if it has any attached to it .
for more than 140 characters am doing the following request

$data= $mycon->get("/statuses/show/".$id."&include_my_retweet=true&tweet_mode=extended")

But the above call give me that page does not exists



$data= $mycon->get("/statuses/show/".$id."?include_my_retweet=true&tweet_mode=extended")


well. thanks for your reply but still it says could not authenticate you with tweed_mode = extended . actually am using php library for this library is OAUTH

and one more thing i dont want include_my_retweet i just following to work



OK so now you need to change the other & to ?



For TwitterOAuth you’ll need to do something like this.

$mycon->get("/statuses/show/".$id, ["tweet_mode" => "extended"]);


Aha! Thanks for the correction, @abraham :smiley: