Tweets I create through API don't appear in mentions


I successfully publish tweets starting with a user’s tag ("@sammyd11381748"), and I can see it from my account, but on the account in question ("@sammyd11381748"), I can’t see any notification for that tweet. The second account ("@sammyd11381748") is following my account. It’s not a private account (unless that’s the default). This used to work, but has started to fail on all accounts as of a few hours ago.

What do I need to do to get the mentions to appear again? Why did it stop working? Is my account considered spam?


Go to Notifications ->settings
Check the muted notifications
The account with default profile image will be muted by default
Uncheck this Setting:Who have a default profile photo verify and also the other settings relevant to you
I hope this will Work


Thanks for the reply, @SundeepKaranam, but none of the options for filtering/muting/blocking were checked and even if they were, the settings say that “These filters will not affect notifications from people you follow”, and the account in question is following the one posting, so that couldn’t have been the problem anyway.

I have Tweeted something like this
And the Mention is being displayed in Mentions timeline as Notification
It is working fine for me.
And make sure @sammyd11381748 account Notifications->Settings has been unchecked and not yours
If the problem still persists it may be the problem specific to your account and twitter people should look into it


Yeah, nothing’s checked in either direction - you say that this may be an account problem needing Twitter’s attention? How do I do that?