Tweets from my account not showing on twitter search widget


I have the Twitter widget on a number of websites.
The tweets from my account do not show up, but do if they are retweeted by someone else.
When I first joined Twitter, they used to come up.

I have rechecked by testing the search widget on and get the same results.
Doesn’t matter what I change the search field to, my tweets do not appear.

Twitter Support says I have to go through the developer’s discussion to solve problem.



That’s what happened to me too. Tweets widget used to display and now it doesn’t…why?


Same here - I use the search widget to display messages to my different classes of students at University -searched by username and hash tag - now it wont display my tweets - anyone else are fine - not much use for my purposes though.


yes, there are other dicussions with folks having same problem, including me. Guess the widget has changed ;-( pretty much useless now to me.


Any idea when this will be fixed?
Even my retweets don’t get flagged in the results.

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