Tweets displayed in my account


I want to display all tweets displayed in my account and tweets from me.

ie. I have 20 my own tweets in my account, and having 20 more tweets from my friends from where am following them. So I want to display my own tweets and tweets from my friends in my website by passing the username.

Is any api or script available to display this? Please let me know.



There are widgets for the profile element of this. You could use the list widget after building a list of the users you follow as well. There’s no widgets for displaying a home timeline and you can’t directly put a home timeline on a site because you don’t have the right to really – a home timeline is built for your user account showing you data that only you are allowed to see (such as protected accounts you follow). A list would be the appropriate way to share what a collection of users are tweeting.




We want to allow the user to do the twitter activities in my website (Develped in,C#) in a widget.

Step 1 : Using OAuth user will authenticate in twitter and get back to my website.
Step 2 : I have a widget , from here i can manage my twitter account, like adding tweets in to twitter, displaying my tweets , displaying tweets from users am following and so on etc…

I have completed step 1 and but am struggling in step 2. In step2 I used the widgets from the below url and displaying tweets from my account (my own tweets), but how should i get the tweets from the users am following.

All the above should be happen programmatically. Please let me know.



Hi i want to integrate twitter in my web application. My requirement is to display latest tweets in my timeline(twitter account). when i login to my application there is area for displaying tweets , i hace to enter twitter id and password and i should get latest tweets(mine as well as those who i follow). All these tweets should be present . Kindly help me how to do this

Thanks in advance
Sreenatha d bhat


I am also looking forward to do the same. I was trying to use this{0}&since_id={1}&include_entities=1&include_rts=1" to pull the tweets. But this pulls only users tweets, but does not show all the tweets that appear when they login into twitter account. How to do this?


You want home_timeline


Bu that is asking for OAuth. Can I get it without OAuth


I’ve written something recently - “C# Console app that displays twitter feed using Linq To Twitter (using Single User Authorization)” at

Hope it helps. =)


I want to display user timeline and mentions together on my website without using widget. Is there any way of displaying it, bcoz i have to display posts on my website based on my clients login. I need it dynamically based on clients login. Is it possible without widget? Is ti possible to display both user timeline AND @mentions together? if not what is the other way to do it? AND i have a requirement i dnt know will it be possible… Can i get the posts or @mentions in the form of mails and can reply from there as we get twitter notifications as emails to the respective Id’s… please help me… thankyou


why the hell is this forum & all these discussions man. no one answers correctly