Tweets delayed by 4-5 seconds



I am using the filter realtime tweets API and it is delivering all tweets with a slight delay. Anyone else having this problem?


I am using the free version of this endpoint, not power track. Is this why I am getting tweets at a delay? Was this endpoint limited on Oct 22nd with the others?


As part of our ongoing investment in our development platform, we recently made some infrastructure changes to help stabilize the statuses/filter and statuses/sample endpoints - making them less lossy and more supportable in our data center. You should now receive a more complete picture (within the tweet limits) of the topics you stream.

As a result of this change, the latency will vary on this endpoint a bit more than previously. If you need a low latency streaming endpoint, we do have enterprise access available where we focus more on delivering data for latency-sensitive use cases.


Thanks for the response.

So can I pretty much expect to always have a delay? If I can’t afford power track are there no other way to get tweets immediately?


As @kylew mentioned, this was a strategic infrastructure investment to improve stability of this service. Yes, latency may now be slightly greater / more variable (but availability should be much improved). Your alternative would be to use PowerTrack.