Tweets Delay in REST API



Hey Guys, I am fetching tweets through REST API, and exporting all the data to my DJANGO based web application, the issue I am facing is that REST API is fetching tweets with a time delay to 4-5 hours. I want to fetch tweets most recent so that I can do further processing on the extracted data.

Following is the official documentation from where I am extracting tweets and saving it to JSON response.


Presumably the time delay is because your code is polling every 4-5 hours? Can you provide an example?


Thanks Andy for your reply. If I run my code at 11 AM its fetching the tweets of 6 AM same day. I want the minimum no. Of time delay.


Could it be that this is timezone related - the Tweets have created_at timestamps specified in UTC.


Thanks, Andy, the issue was somehow resolved, can you please guide me how can I fetch Replies from REST API twitter, I am exploring in_reply_to_status_id , in_reply_to_user_id parameters but they are not useful according to my use case. Can you please specify how can I fetch replies (if any) of Tweets with their username and created_at parameters?