Tweets appearing on research paper


According to the display requirements of the Twitter Service, found here:, “[…] Tweets must be shown in a way that meets the user’s expectation - whether on a mobile phone, on a web site, in a desktop application, or anywhere else.”. Some examples are provided followingly, showing an eligible representation of a tweet on such media (e.g. a web site).

Suppose I’m interested in quoting a user’s tweet on a research paper, because it serves my case well. Though “anywhere else” practically covers it ( then again, it covers writing a tweet on a wall :slight_smile: ), does this policy rule still apply? In other words, should I capture a screenshot of the tweet and put it in the paper, or is it possible to simply quote the text of the tweet?

I’m asking because an image will take up a larger area than the text itself, and it may also be of lower quality when embedded or printed, making it appear rather sloppy and even difficult to read with a low quality printer.

Thanks for the feedback!



Generally a research paper would be a context where providing the tweet’s text in quote form is adequate, as long as you include obvious attribution to the user that created it, Twitter, and a link to the permalink for the tweet. Ideally you would also secure the tweet author’s permission to have their tweet quoted.