Tweetinvi development and Elevated Privileges



I am the main developer of the Tweetinvi library that you might know.
It is a C# library used by many developers willing to access Twitter.

A while ago I requested access to Site Stream but got no answer.
Therefore here is a post to know where I should request elevated privileges to test the Twitter API and provide new features to the users of Tweetinvi.

Here are the 2 features I am willing to test:

  • Site Stream
  • Count parameter on Streams.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Linvi - unfortunately the Site Streams program is completely beyond capacity at this time so we are unable to provide access to the service. Apologies for this.


What about the elevated privileges for the Count Parameter?



Take a look at the platform support forms - you can make a request there for elevated access to the count parameter on streaming.