Tweeting Based on Real World Actions from Hardware (Raspberry Pi)


Hi! We’ve built a device that, each time it’s activated we tweet. We’re not @'ing anyone, it’s not a DM - it’s just a tweet status update. We have a library of ~ 100 tweets that we’re picking from. I’ve read through all of the linked TOS files & links and I think we’re good staying in line with all of twitter’s policies. And then, today - our account was denied write access. It was only for a brief amount of time, but I want to make sure that i’m not crossing any lines here. So is it ok to do an automated (random) tweet each time something happens in the real world? We’re not @ mentioning anyone, DM’ing anyone, or retweeting anyone - just doing a simple status.


The key thing to look at here is the automation policy.

Generally speaking given that you’re not mentioning, DM’ing etc I cannot see a significant issue (and I’ve built similar things myself such as the Tweeting Raspberry Pi weather station I demo’ed at Flight in 2015). I can’t comment on what happened to your app specifically to cause it to be write-restricted. Are you posting links or anything like that? Those might trip our automated antispam system, but that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.


Thanks for the response! It may have happened due to us doing some debugging which was sending more tweets than normal. We’ll keep an eye on it.