Tweeting and hash tagging


I’m not sure if this has been discussed or thought out, but I think it would be unique and useful if on every user’s profile there was an archive created for their tweets from each month. For a lot of people Twitter is an (for lack of a better term) “online diary” of some sort, and it would be convenient (and also really cool) for users to access past tweets by clicking on a link to a month instead of having to scroll down their timeline and waiting for past tweets to load. I think the timeline should of course still remain but with the extra feature.
Another idea would be to have a user’s collection of hash tags appear on the side of their profile, under where recent images are displayed. This would provide amusement for the user and the user’s followers if they happen to be on their profile. It wouldn’t have to be every hash tag, perhaps the most recent fifteen or so. Displaying an array of hash tags over a certain period of time would highlight the user’s personality and creativeness.


i want my account to be a virfied account i dont have more followers